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Abstracts from the Speech given by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro to the Nation, responding to the executive order issued by the US administration which declares Venezuela a threat to their national security and foreign policy 09.03.2015

On March 9th 2015, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, gave a speech to the Nation in response to the imperial aggression, whereby US President Barack Obama, issued an executive order establishing economic sanctions against seven Venezuelan Senior Officials and declares Venezuela to be a threat to US national security and foreign policy.

During his speech to the Venezuelan People, President Maduro, expressed he has requested to the National Assembly an Enabling Law that will allow him to preserve the peace in the country and defend the homeland against any imperial aggression and that will allow him to move in "the complex scenario that has been opened for Venezuela," as he said.

The measure is part of the anti-imperialist offensive that has been activated by the State Council, the Military High Command and Vice-Government Council, with the intention to "denounce diplomatically and politically in all instances this aggression by the United States and sue international illegality of this alleged executive order." He explained that the proposed Enabling Law was drafted by the Attorney General of the Republic, Reinaldo Muñoz, in order to "preserve peace, integrity and sovereignty of the country in any circumstance that may arise with this imperial aggression."

During his speech it was announced that General Gustavo González López will serve as the new Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace as "a reward for his perseverance and also a recognition for the aggression of the US empire to one of his soldiers, Homeland soldier. General Mayor of this country", since General Gonzalez Lopez was included in the list published by the US government.

"I have come to ask for an Enabling against imperialism, to defend democracy, sovereignty," he said. "It is the first time in the history that a measure like this is approved against Venezuela," said the President, who compared Obama's executive order with the blocking occurred during the government of Cipriano Castro.

President Maduro called on Venezuelans to continue to defend the homeland of Bolívar, especially when intended to be battered by the American Empire: "New Sucres, new Bolívar, new Chávez, new Luisas Cáceres de Arismendi, will emerge from this new epic homeland that has only one destination: Venezuela's victory, the victory of peace, the defeat of US imperialism,".

In this regard, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela stated, that the defeat of the US imperialism "will be one of the greatest lessons of Moral Power that the Venezuela of Bolivar and Chavez will face, and we will emerge victorious from this aggression and this prove that life imposes to our Motherland ".

"It's great history we have as heritage and strength base that today we carry into the future. There will be no executive order, assault, illegal and unfair threats from the US Government to stop the march of the Bolivarian Revolution" he said.

President pointed out that Venezuelan people live a historical and stellar moment in defense of sovereignty, the independence of this sacred land of Bolívar, and stated that "it is time for definitions, to step forward to tell the American empire that seeks to violate the sacred sovereignty of our country, that there is an increasingly united people, cohesion, getting better prepared to ensure that no Yankee boot will touch it ever in the life of the country we are living ".

He emphasized that it is not time for cowardice or hesitation, but definitions. "We rely on the superior moral force that has the homeland of Bolívar on any immoral empire that exists, and especially the American empire, and to trust Chavez and the Bolivarian ethics and be able to act accordingly to defend our sacred sovereignty as it establishes the constitution, "he added.

"The declaration of the Obama administration against Venezuela is further evidence that the Venezuelan people, always victorious, conscious and peaceful, will overcome, as was able to neutralized the chain of events activated by the imperial right from late 2014 to try to generate chaos in the country and justify international intervention, "said the President.

He explained that once the chain of scheduled events planned by the White House to try to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela was uncovered, which began with the refusal of the opposition in the National Assembly to participate in the election of the new public authorities, last December, "the people took to the streets to ensure the peace. We made demonstrations of thousands of workers, women, youth".

He noted that two years after the physical departure of Commander Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan people have faced and overcome evidence that the US has imposed imperial rights, thanks to the pacific will that prevails in the country.

"The Venezuelan people, for the last 16 years, fight battles in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution; however, during the last two years the imperial onslaught has intensified, triggering economic and psychological warfare, guarimbas, violence, terrorist acts that have cost 43 lives to the motherland, even attempted coup plots. All tests have been overcome with dignity by Venezuelans", said the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

About the decision of President Barack Obama, the Venezuelan President said his counterpart "has decided to fulfill the task of overthrowing my government and intervene to control Venezuela from American Power" since destabilizing plans that the Venezuelan right have tried to perpetrate in the country, have failed.

Obama "if someday you look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel ashamed" of having lashed out against the people of Venezuela, "which is a noble people, which must be respected by all who occupy the Presidential Chair of the American empire," he said.

He added that the "US President will sink into the pit of history for the political attack that his government directed against Venezuela, as happened with US presidents Richard Nixon, head of coup and assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile, during 1973, and George W. Bush, who led the invasion of Iraq in 2003, events that shaped the history of the world for violations of the sovereignty, laws and stability of each of those nations."

"President Obama has taken the most aggressive, unfair and pernicious step ever against Venezuela, against the land of Bolivar," said Maduro, adding that the US president decided to stay "at a dead end street" to "be reminded in the future for the aggression against the people of Venezuela, noble people of peace."

"You made a mistake President Obama, I think it is not worth doing more calls for correction, you decided to sink into the pit of history that will remember you as Nixon and Bush, so I say and so is decreed for all time, that so glaring mistake, President Obama, "he repeated.

He also said that this US aggression against Venezuela is not only against the land of Bolívar, but against all revolutionary movements, progressive and socialist in Latin America and the Caribbean.

"Or we are or we are not. Are we a free Latin America, sovereign and independent or we are not and we return to being slaves of a colony, in this case a US colony? ", reflected President Maduro.

"The feeling that Latin America and the world faces before the executive order passed by Obama is a feeling of disbelief. No one can believe that Venezuela is a threat to the United States, and they cannot believe it because is a lie (... ) we are a people with an international policy for integration and peace ", said the President.


Presidentti Nicolas Maduro on tuominnut jyrkin sanoin Yhdysvaltojen erilaiset horjutustoimet Venezuelan bolivaarista tasavaltaa vastaan ja pakotteiden asettamisen seitsemälle venezuelalaiselle viranomaiselle.
Venezuelan äärioikeiston väkivaltaiset hyökkäykset maan demokratiaa vastaan on tarkoitettu yhteiskunnan horjuttamiseksi. Ne uhkaavat kansan jo 15 peräkkäisenä vuonna vaaleissa vahvistamaa demokraattista yhteiskuntajärjestelmää.
Yhdysvaltain presidentti Barack Obama on Yhdysvaltain imperialististen eliitin nimissä päättänyt henkilökohtaisesti ottaa tehtäväkseen kukistaa hallitukseni, sekaantua sisäisiin asioihimme ja alistaa Venezuelan Yhdysvaltain hallintaan”, sanoi Maduro Venezuelan valtiollisessa televisiossa 9.3.2015 pitämässään voimakkaassa puheessa.
Yhdysvallat on yrittänyt suistaa v. 2002–2015 jo kolmesti vallasta Venezuelan laillisesti ja demokraattisesti valitun hallituksen. Tämä on tapahtunut tukemalla ja kehottamalla maan oikeisto-oppositiota väkivaltaiseen vastavallankumoukseen. Tähän mennessä vallankaappausyritykset ovat epäonnistuneet.
Yhdysvaltain hallitus sivuuttaa vuoropuhelun kansainvälisen lainsäädännön noudattamisessa. Se vähät välittää  alueellisten yhteistyöjärjestöjen ja kansainvälisen yhteisön mielipiteestä. Tällainen toiminta rikkoo rauhanomaisen rinnakkainelon periaatetta valtioiden välillä. Se on myös kansainvälisen oikeuden ja YK:n peruskirjan periaatteiden vastaista.
YK:n peruskirjan mukaan Millään valtiolla tai valtioiden ryhmällä ei ole oikeutta puuttua suoraan tai epäsuorasti, mistään syystä, minkään toisen valtion sisäisiin tai ulkoisiin asioihin. Näin ollen aseellinen väliintulo ja kaikki muut häirinnän muodot tai  tehdyt uhkaukset yksityistä valtiota ja sen poliittisia, taloudellisia ja kulttuurisia elementtejä vastaan ovat kansainvälisen oikeuden vastaisia.” (YK, A/RES/25/2625)
Me vetoamme, että Yhdysvallat lopettaa kaiken sekaantumisensa Venezuelan bolivaarisen tasavallan sisäisiin asioihin, kunnioittaa sen täysivaltaisuutta valtiona ja suo sen rakentaa rauhanomaisesti yhteiskuntaansa itsevalitsemallaan kehitystiellä.
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